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We (Dave and Ann Boundy) live in Orpington, and have a full life with friends, family, interests and hobbies.

Married since 1970, our adult children now have their own families (Craig, Kate, Angus and Felix as well as Stuart, Gillian and Joseph).

A few years ago, we bought an old thatched cottage on the Isle of Wight as a second home, a holiday home and a retreat.

We are both Londoners. Born in New Cross and Lewisham, living in Eltham and now, for a long while, in Orpinton (which is, frankly, just a dormitory suburb for London). We have our favourite parts of London which might, or might not, be places that you also like, but I thought it would be nice to share our London with anyone who finds this site and is interested.

This site is designed mainly for personal use. If, however, you stumble across any part of the site, then you are welcome.