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CLWG game 3 April 2016 Blood on the Bund is a CLWG club game by Dave Boundy.

Introduction This is a game about the Shanghai massacre in April 1927: the so-called April 12th Incident. This is a rewrite of the game, following an enjoyable development session. The map and rules now give more structure. For comparison, the original game can be seen at here

Game Intentions The intention is to reflect the history of April 1927. It is known by all that the KMT (Kuomintang) intend to purge all communists. Shanghai was a huge city, even then, of about 5 miles by 4 miles and about 4 million inhabitants. There were about 800,000 workers involved in strikes at the time and striker units will be placed on the map by the umpire, according to a dice roll but influenced by events and by any player actions.

Matrix Game At times, actions or combat need to be resolved. The original game had a fairly free matrix game approach. That has now been adapted so that each team has access to a number of sayings from a culturally-specific source on cards. The cards may be played in the same way as arguments in a matrix game.

Briefings Briefings for each of the teams are here:

Development and Discussion I welcome comment. If you'd like to contribute to discussion about this, then please feel free to email me or to comment on the CLWG Facebook page. One day soon I shall get around to working out how to get Disqus operating on more than one page of my web site.