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I play, design and (until recently) run Megagames: large-scale social games as part of Megagame Makers. Megagames seem to defy precise definition, but I have given my thoughts and an attempt to show a Megagame definition

Megagames have exploded across the globe since SU&SD came to make a video of Jim Wallman's Watch the Skies Megagame. Since that video I have started to keep a list of games that I know of.

I have designed one Megagame (Washington Conference) and been part of the design team for 3 others (Price of Victory with Andy Grainger and Jim Wallman, Liberating Assault with Jim Wallman as well as Interesting Times, with Brian Cameron).

Because I enjoy maps and trying for a high quality presentation in games, I have helped a number of people with graphics for their games .

I have been very involved in Megagame Makers until recently. As part of this, I produced a simple guide to running a Megagame, entitled Megagame Setup Guide. I recently ran the Washington Conference for a fourth time, on 31st October 2015, aiming it mainly at the new set of Megagamers that have started to play since the SU&SD video of a Megagame