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My hobby is Games: designing, running and playing wargames, boardgames, roleplaying games, committee games and Megagames.

This page points to resources to do with those games. My gaming activities are based on Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group and Megagame Makers

I have worked on designing, running and producing Megagames. I have also designed and run a number of games at Chestnut Lodge (clwg) These include Lambs on the Track (a roleplay and operational game about John Brown's invasion of Harper's Ferry), Rheinubung (gaming the situation in the North Atlantic at the time of the Bismarck breakout), Blood on the Bund about the Shanghai massacre in 1927 and The Day After (the first game in a series of games following up the activities of the Great Powers in the aftermath of the Washington Conference as decided at the Megagame in 2008).

I started gaming with roleplay games, and I have recently worked on a Simple Fantasy Roleplay system, which I am using with my Nalanarc campaign.